Hindu Singles Matrimony

Find Your Soulmate! Educated. Vegetarian. Cultured. Hindu

100% FREE to join. No catches.

  1. * Access to potentially THOUSANDS of Hindu bachelors and bachelorettes in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.
  2. * Educated, vegetarian / partially vegetarian, and cultured
  3. * All Hindu faiths
  4. * Cultural etiquette
  5. * Private Facebook group
  6. * Secure setting
  7. * Completely FREE – no more expensive subscriptions. Just bless us when your child gets married!

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10 Rules

1. Parents and bhabhis etc. CANNOT join the group on behalf of others

2. ONLY the bachelor or bachelorette can join

3. Member should show his or her LATEST profile picture

4. Member must be based in the USA, UK, Canada etc.

5. Member must be educated

6. Member must be vegetarian or partially vegetarian

7. Member must be a Hindu

8. Member must be respectful to all other members

9. No sexual or innuendo messaging

10. Dating to find a soulmate is permitted but we discourage sex before marriage

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Our humble request

Please share our links and ask your Hindu friends to get their youth to join this special group.

​If we all Hindus get together, our kids will get together too.

Thank you