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Our personal challenge: In our own family, our own nieces and nephews are well educated, vegetarian, attractive, and cultured YET they are unable to find their soulmates in the USA! In our own temple we found we were not alone. More than 90% of parents said they were struggling to get their American born child married even though they have good qualities. Why is this?

20,000 US youths: There are 20,000 Hindu bachelors and bachelorettes in the USA who are very educated, successful, and attractive! But where are they? They are trapped in their own communities without much outreach to the wider Hindu community.

Relatives do the work: Some Hindu youths are quite shy because Hindu culture discouraged them from mixing freely with the opposite sex in the temples. Also, many youth are pre-occupied in their new careers so parents and bhabhis etc. have to do the work of finding them a soulmate.

Costly matrimony websites: Even after paying premium subscriptions for years to famous India-based matrimony sites many people do not get satisfactory results!

Temples and websites: A common complaint is that temples (who wish well) are too restrictive and that their websites are too basic. Often, you have to go through temple management to meet someone. That discourages a lot of people and also invades their personal privacy. This is demoralizing and unacceptable to youths in today’s day and age.

Our independent, simple, and free solution: We feel your pain so we envisioned this FREE and religiously independent website connected to a private Facebook group. Facebook has highly advanced messaging and privacy features.

This empowers you to connect or disconnect with ANY MEMBER privately and respectfully without going via some third person who has no right to know your private details. We respect your privacy and etiquette foremost.

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