Why Join Hindu Singles?

NO WASTE: Common matrimony websites you see advertised on television have often proved disappointing to Hindu youth living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.. Plus their membership fees, subscriptions, and tiers are needlessly expensive.  Some VIP tiers charge up to $1500 and still disappoint subscribers.

FAST: HinduSingles.net is becoming a quicker, more reliable, and safer way to find a suitable soulmate based in your own country because you are not sifting through millions of profiles and thousands of fake accounts.

100% FREE: HinduSingles.net is 100% FREE because we utilize the highly advanced and reliable features of official “Facebook Groups.” This also makes it much easier for our members to learn about each other from their Facebook profiles and posts. No nasty surprises later.

EXCLUSIVE: HinduSingles.net is exclusive for Hindus living abroad ONLY. For example only youth living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, Africa, and Europe.

INTERNATIONAL: We also offer an International Singles Group for Hindus ready to marry a soulmate from any another country, including India.

LOCAL: Most Hindu bachelors and bachelorettes living outside of India wish to marry a soulmate in their own country.

EDUCATED AND VEGETARIAN: Most Hindu youth also want their soulmate to be well-educated, vegetarian / partially vegetarian, cultured, and Hindu. Our groups are created to attract people with these qualities.

OPPORTUNITY: Currently there are 20,000 highly eligible Hindu bachelors and bachelorettes in the USA and as many in other countries!

FIND AND GET FOUND: Even though there are such large numbers of highly eligible Hindu bachelors and bachelorettes, they cannot find each other. HinduSingles.net matrimony site is created for them! For you. 100% FREE.

PRIVACY: Using Facebook’s highly advanced privacy features, our members can choose who can contact them and how much information they wish to reveal. Privacy and sensitivity is PARAMOUNT to us and today’s youths who disapprove of revealing personal details to temple admins (who wish well) and other registries.

ALL HINDUS: Our members can be from all Hindu faiths such as Vaishnav, Shaiva, Shakta, Swaminarayan, Krishna, Rama, Ganesha, Chimaya Mission, Sai Baba, Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar, etc..

Read more about our simple solution to complex challenges many Hindu parents and youth face abroad.

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